Learning the fundamentals

So here I am writing my 3rd Blog post. Yes, third. I didn’t bother to read anything on WordPress before I made my first post as I was just looking to post a short piece of fiction I had written so that I could share it to an IRL writing group to read at their leisure. But now I had another piece I wanted to share and I saw the opportunity of learning about what I am doing on WP so I signed up to learn the fundamentals of blogging via their online course.

Per the WP email – Step 1: publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

Who I am: Son, Brother, Husband, Father to 2 and aspiring author.

Why am I here: Much more complicated. As a child, I loved the vast number of creative outlets and freedom of expression I had. Now, as an adult, I find that my time is more limited, my energy more taxed by daily routines and worries, and creative outlets are virtually none.

Several years ago, I started to emulate a dear friend of mine who had, months before, taken it upon himself to start to write a novel. I had not done any creative writing since High School, but I think I have a distinctive voice and I found a based-in-fact story that I find I would like to tell. We took writing classes together, joined groups with local struggling writers, and meet with regularity to work on our writing. Together but separately. He is working on his second rewrite and I am still trudging along on working out the kinks of a very detailed first draft.

As I said, we are in a writing group that meets bi-weekly, but due to time constraints limits works to be reviewed/critiqued to 1800 words. During a dry spell I had written a stand alone long short story (3000+ words) of which I was quite proud, but could get no feedback. So, I went to WP, published the story and shared the link with the group.

(The response was minimal. Crickets, actually. Making me re-think this entire endeavour.)

Thats all. Hope people like what they read here.







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